2016 Honda Cars with Fuel Efficient Engines

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Overall, 2016 Honda cars boast their improvement on the design and the engines from previous generation. This car is a complete redesign from its predecessor. The features of the car are using advanced technology for infotainment system and safety precaution measure. The interior design of the cars is completed with spacious room. Meanwhile the exterior of the car offers daring appearance. The storage cabin of the car is capable of accommodating large boxes. Most of the drivers like this car due to the satisfy feeling when handling the car.

2016 Honda Cars

The enhanced engines of 2016 Honda cars are profoundly improved. Those engines give satisfying feeling to the customer of this car. The innovative engineering technique is applied to this car. It uses turbocharged system that features engine with four cylinders basic. The advanced engine is capable of producing 172 horsepower. With the 1.5 liter worth of engine capacity, this engine can runs up to 42 mpg on highway. Driving this car will give sporty and exciting experience for the driver. Accelerating in maximum speed, this car can maintain the quietness inside the car. Therefore, using this advanced refinement technology on the feature and the engine, Honda gain more compliment every time it release new model.

As compact vehicles, 2016 Honda cars offer various types of car such as sedan, hatchback, and coupe. Most of them come with 16-inch wheel made of steel, programmed headlight, as well as full power accessory. Under the hood of those cars, you can find engine with four cylinders basic. The engine of the car is able to generate torque of 138 lb-ft. As for the transmission, you can use either manual transmission or automatic transmission with six-speed level. When it comes for safety, most of those cars are using what they called as package of Honda Sensing safety. It consists of various safety precaution systems to make your driving more safe.

Most of the drivers agree that the steering wheel can response immediately. Due to the impressive material used in the interior combined with appealing interior design of the car, it is remarkably comfortable for the occupants. The driver do not need to be afraid of any accidents, the manufacturer equip their vehicle with advance safety system. Thanks to the impressive engine set, appealing design, and safety package, this car got more attention from public lately. The turbocharged engine system used in most cars make 2016 Honda cars are able to run smoothly.

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