2016 Nissan Cars Review and Specification

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Every time Nissan launches their vehicles; the automotive lovers are getting crowded. The entire cars that are made by this manufacturer are always impressive. It makes the car is really appropriate to be used as the stylish and self-confidence. 2016 Nissan Cars contains some different type and series that are all good for you. You can choose some of the type that can fulfill your need. How is about discussing about the all new Nissan Maxima. As one of the bestselling sedan from Nissan Company, this car is really appropriate for any occasion. You will see the improvements and changes of the car in this discussion.

2016 Nissan Cars

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Many good aspects and features are added here. One of them is the presence of all new shape of the exterior in 2016 Nissan Cars. The previous Maxima are tending to be curved and very smooth. It makes the car has a very formal and comfortable atmosphere. Somehow the recent released car has produced a very sharp and striking exterior performance. This car is very good to be used as the futuristic vehicle. In the same time, it will also be very valuable for various range of age. Both people who young and adult are capable to bring the car as their personal vehicle.

Nissan is never doubt to improve the presence of the car. You can feel the convenience of the car by maximizing the function of its sport suspension system. It will make the car is capable to be ride in any country road with comfort. With all of this improvement, 2016 Nissan Cars will have MSRP price about $32,510. Somehow for the car’s base price, you will have $30,354 of price tag. These prices are worth to the performance of the car. It has 3.5 liter of engine size which can be able to produce 300 horsepower and 261 lb. ft. torque.

To add the comfort for the car driving, you will receive a proper transmission system. This transmission system is involved as one of the CVT system. The engine can reach an awesome fuel economy. Based on the official test of EPA, this sedan is able to sped 30 mpg on the highway usage. To add better experience for all the user of 2016 Nissan Cars, Nissan is also giving some trims that are divided as S, SV, SL, SR and also Platinum versions. The safety systems such as active engine braking, active trace control and so on are becoming the proper features for the car.

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