The Dodge Charger 2016 Review for You to Know

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Do you have information about Dodge Charger 2016 review? When you are looking for the modern car to drive, this must be the best recommendation. Dodge Charger belongs to the sedan car. As you know, sedan car will always offer its comfortable driving for passengers and drivers. This car deals with the same thing. Dodge charger 2016 is conformable to drive so that you will get best driving experiences. Dealing with this matter, it is better for you to know the car features in more detail. This is a time for you to follow the discussion below.

Dodge Charger 2016 Review

dodge charger daytona 2013
dodge charger daytona 2013 –

Firstly, you have to identify the car design. It is a part of Dodge Charger 2016 review. This car has four doors in the modern system. It will be easy for you to open and close the doors for this high technology system. Besides that, the roof is perfect. It is the result of modification from the previous products. The car interior designers get inspirations for designing this car from 1969’ car. The inspirations are taken. Then, they make some combinations with the other car designs. The result is so excellent. You can find the excellent design in dodge charger 2016.


The car has base engine which is in 292-hp completed with 3.6-liter V-6. This belongs to high car specification. Besides that, you may get another type of car which is in 370-hp completed with 5.7-liter. Both of them have eight transmissions system.  There are three points about the engine system in Dodge Charger 2016 review. The car has six cylinders. Dodge belongs to high technology car so that the number of cylinder must be added for getting the more speed. The second point is about the eight speeds. The transmission system is so excellent. With six level of speed, you may drive this car in high speed without feeling any vibration. Two models of wheel system are offered for you. You may get the car with two wheel system for lower price. However, if you have more budgets for buying car, getting the four wheel system will be a great deal. You can have more speed if the car has four wheel systems.


The revised style makes the car design looks more futuristic. If you are young people, taking this car is the right choice. You can test your adrenaline by driving car n high speed. The airbag system will protect you from getting serious injures if there is a terrible accidents. The car company has anticipated these bad accidents. Now, you should check the car price. Make sure that you have prepared the great amount of money for getting this car. You should have best driving experience after getting information about Dodge Charger 2016 review.

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