Driving Future Car in 2016 Mazda SUV

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As prominent automaker, Mazda has developed many cars. Several of them are categorized in sport utility vehicle segment. In 2016 Mazda SUV, two main products are released into market. Both of them attract many customers. Sales of SUV are increased on some regional. Due to economic development in many countries, SUV become one of favorite car. This segment derives to several sub segments. Full size SUV is car with sporty and big shape appearance. People use it as long range driving or outdoor sport activity. Mid-size and compact SUV have small size than full-size. For information, when people need the replacement for sedan, compact SUV acts as excellent answer.

2016 Mazda SUV

mazda hybrid suv
mazda hybrid suv –

Mazda CX-9 is one of 2016 Mazda Range Rover Sport Supercharged. It has full size model. This car is for foreign market. Mazda do not sell it in home country. This car has stylish exterior. Instead of hard line or acute angular concept, manufacturer gives more curve design. On backside, it is not same with common full size SUV. People can use it as regular day duty car or specific occasion driving. Engine room contains 3.7-litre v6. It is the latest engine technology in Mazda product. First generation of it was 3.5. Since 2007, changing on engine room make this car can compete with many long existing SUV brand. Even though this might be new on market, you cannot underestimate specification and performance.


With $30,865, you can bring this car to your garage. The price reflect how well this car. There is six-speed automatic transmission. Manufacturer offers two driving mode. Front and all-wheel drive. In 2013, facelift model become basic specification for next 2016 Mazda SUV. It has upgrades on headlamp, powertrain, and interior. 3.7 V6 could boost more than 250 hp. If you want smaller version of this car, Mazda provide new product on crossover SUV.


Cx-5 is the completely new product from Mazda. It was released in 2012. As new car, it has many sophisticated panel and equipment. People call this car as crossover SUV. It is based on compact chassis type. Mazda extend their existing sedan then turn them into crossover. This car can interchangeable with other segment. Engine consists of tree variants. The lowest one is 2.0 liter. Other engines are 2.2 and 2.5 liter. All of CX-5 use Skyactiv engine. This car is part of 2016 Mazda SUV. Car would be fuel consumption and more powerful. Officially sold at $22,675, the price goes up and customer needs extra money for advanced version.

mazda hybrid suv
mazda hybrid suv –
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mazda 2015 suv –
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