Excellent and Superb Honda Civic 2016 Coupe

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One of promising car is Honda Civic 2016 coupe. People know this car as extended variant of civic. This car has same basic engine and chassis with standard civic. Coupe vehicle is unique. It has two doors on left and side. Most of coupe type car is sedan. However, hatchback or crossover tends to have this model as their extended product. First model went to market in 1972. Since that time, numerous unit of this car are sold to customers. This car is renowned as fastest racing car. Several awards are bestowed to prove this car capability. Besides that, people acknowledge coupe version of civic as the most refinement car in history.

Honda Civic 2016 Coupe

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honda civic si 2015 sedan –

Basic engine of this car is 2.9 and 1.6 liter. Both of them is similar with non-coupe version. Tuning and modification have been this car specialty. In many competitions, driver and mechanic change appearance and performance this car to match their needs. They pick civic because the basic engine is powerful and easy to upgrade. Although, nonstandard modification will reduce some capabilities like fuel efficiency and environmental friendly, people are not satisfied with normal version. This is another advantage of Honda Civic 2016 coupe. Without excessive marketing campaign, customers will recognize from trophy and award in competition.


Coupe model reflects premium and luxury. In Honda Civic 2016 coupe, people get not only performance but also elegant interior design. On front compartment, there are some indicator panels and touch screen display. Knob and pedal are built with firm and high quality material. Because this car produces more power than standard version, noise and vibration resistant are placed all around car wall and floor. In 2015, ninth generation of civic had been discontinued. Honda has already announced next model, which is part of tenth generation. Several alterations on exterior and cabin make this car worth customer’s money. The price will increase due to upgrades and advancement.


Initial price for coupe model is more than $25,000. With that money, you will get integrated rear view camera. It decrease blind spot portion. Car uses driving assistance system. It provides information about direction and location. You will be guided until get to your certain destination. Another refinement is trim level. This car emphasizes aerodynamic curve shape from front side to back end. In several areas, customer can pick accessories to improve their car appearance. Honda civic 2016 coupe is available in some colors. You will feel the differences between standard versions just by sit behind wheel and drive it.

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