Juke Nissan 2016 Comes with Funky Exterior Look and Convenient Interior Design

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For some people, they choose a car with not only the functionality, but also attractive design, both interior and exterior. However, there are only few cars designed with unique and eye-catching look. One of them that also can be a great choice for you is Juke Nissan 2016. At the first impression, you can see that this car comes with unusual, funky, and quirky design on its exterior, but still look stunning. The futuristic style offered by this car’s exterior look becomes one of its advantages. Besides, the interior is also designed with great comfort and of course the powerful performance from its engine. So let’s see it in details.

Juke Nissan 2016

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There are some upgrades given to the exterior like the design of rear fascia, headlights, taillights, and grille. Besides, there is also another convenience giving for you to make the exterior design look more gorgeous by customization program. Then, you can mix and match the design for mirror, side sills, body colors, wheels, rear spoiler and door handles. The design will make Juke Nissan 2016 look different from the other hatchbacks and crossovers. If you drive this car on the way, you can make it become nice attraction for other people. However, is its interior as great as its exterior?


Interior design is also important to give you comfortable ride. Then, you do not need to worry, because this car’s interior is designed as stunning as the exterior look. You can find cheerful atmosphere inside through the design that comes with many organic curves, silver accents and the surface that is offered with body-colored look. Moreover, Juke Nissan 2016 interior is also supported by high-tech features. There are standard instrument like the cruise control, phone connectivity with Bluetooth, six speakers for the sound system, height adjustment for driver seat, and many more.


Moreover, exterior and interior design is not complete without the powerful engine, so, which engine that is used to power this car? To get 188 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque, this car uses inline engine of four-cylinder with 1.6 liter of capacity. For the transmission, this engine is also paired with standard CVT model in automatic system. Well, with this great engine, impressive exterior look and convenient interior design, Juke Nissan 2016 is available with price about 20,250 US Dollar. So, if you are willing to have a car with funky look, why not to choose this car as your new vehicle?

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