Kia Crossover 2016 Get Stronger with DOHC-CVVT Engine

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What is up readers, are you looking for the best car of the year? It can be chosen from various brands that are very productive for this year. From Kia, you will find so many car types that will be launched soon. One of them is coming from the Kia Crossover 2016 lineup. Crossover is always become the comfortable type of car to be chosen. This car does not too sporty, however it is also does not seems too formal. If you are choosing a car for both causal and formal needs, the impressions which are given by the Crossover will be valuable.

Kia Crossover 2016

kia crossover reviews
kia crossover reviews –

If you are interested in purchasing a Crossover with high power, you can pick this car. It has a lot of specifications that will be very beneficial. With all the improvements that has been done by the manufacturers, you will see that the car is very comfortable to be used for all type of needs. It has a valuable specification for all the trim of the car. L series can be the standard comparison for you who are choosing Kia Crossover 2016 as the vehicle. It will not be prohibited to talk about the all new Sorrento as one of the example for Crossover from Kia manufacturers.

The base engine specifications that will be delivered by this car are pretty impressive. You will have a 4 cylinder engine that is fulfilled by using the aluminum block as well as its head. It is also the same for the other trim of Kia Crossover 2016 that are available in the market. To boost the power and performance, you will be helped by the presence of its DOHC engine. This engine is also equipped properly with the presence of dual CVVT system. All the presence of this system will be valuable especially when you are looking for the powerful engine for the car.

To maximize the engine performance, you can see that this car is fulfilled by using 185 horsepower of engine strength. This engine strength is valuable because it as for about 6000 rpm of engine features. To make better performance, you will also be available to bring the car with its 178 lb. ft. of torque. As one of the proper 5 door CUV type, this car price is very worth. Its pricing is announced yet, but it will be around $40,000 to $50,000 of range, a reasonable pricing for a Kia Crossover 2016 with all of its impressive and new specifications.

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