Mazda CX 5 2016 Review of Upgraded Features and Designs

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Do you want to upgrade your family car? You can find many selections of crossover car that you can use as comfortable family vehicle. You might choose the newest Mazda CX 5 with great performance and fine design to give your family a real comfort. Mazda CX 5 2016 review will give you useful information about the specification of engine, features on design and the price too. You also can use it as your consideration before deciding to buy this car. This car is released with some upgrades that is not only in interior and exterior design, but also the better engine for better performance.

Mazda CX 5 2016 Review

mazda cx 5 2016 reviews
mazda cx 5 2016 reviews –

People who are going to purchase a new car must be curious about Mazda CX 5 2016 review for the engine’s performance. Then, this new Mazda CX 5 comes with some choices of engine. They are 2.0 L four cylinder engine paired with six speed transmission in manual model which can produce 155 horsepower and torque in 150 pound feet, and another option is 2.5 L four cylinder engine that produce more powerful horsepower up to 184 hp with the six speed transmission in automatic model to give torque to 185 lb-ft. The engines are not only powerful, but also chosen to give better fuel efficiency.


Then, must be more amazed when look at the design of this car for interior and exterior. The new improvements are given for design and features. In the exterior, you can see the fresh look for the style of front end and rear end. However, you will find in Mazda CX 5 2016 review that the car get more upgrades for the interior. There are new center console and dash. You also can get more convenience through the reduction for sound levels for riding in highway speed. Some other infotainment features are also available to make you more comfortable to drive.


Even though the car is completed with those great specifications, it is still offered with affordable price that is about 22,675 to 35,000 US Dollar. With that price range, you can get a car with many benefits, not only the design and performance, but also the safety system. This car is designed with standard safety like airbags on the front side and side curtain, antilock brakes, and many more. Then, if you want to get more information about the feature details, you can find them on any other Mazda CX 5 2016 review you can get from many sources.

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