Toyota Corolla 2016 S with Spacious Seat and Advanced Infotainment System

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Toyota Corolla 2016 S got plenty compliments related to the generous space of the seat. This car indeed has more space on the seat compared to any other car on the same type. The main superiority of this car is not only lies on the spacious seat only, but also the infotainment system that is easy to operate. Most drivers also claim this car offer comfortable and safety ride. However, the step back of the car is located on the interior. The numb steering may cause discomfort for some driver. The noisy interior is also an issue that disturbs the occupants of this vehicle.

Toyota Corolla 2016 S

price of 2015 toyota corolla
price of 2015 toyota corolla –

An engine with four cylinder powers Toyota Corolla 2016 S. Most reviewers believe that it produce significant amount of power to the car. Therefore, it guarantees the satisfaction when being used to drive in the city or in the highway. The speed transmission used in this vehicle is manual with six levels of speed. However, the car owner can upgrade it with continuously variable transmission with four levels of speed. This transmission system work responsively as it goes on automatic transmission system. If you like lively acceleration while driving a car, this continuously variable transmission system is the best choice.

For an affordable class, the interior of Toyota Corolla 2016 S incorporates top quality materials. The features in the interior of this car are also impressive. The most notable thing about the interior is located in the front seat and the infotainment system. The front seat of Toyota Corolla has spacious legroom for the driver and the front seat occupant. The infotainment system of this vehicle is straightforward. Therefore, the driver can operate the 6.1-inch touch screen display easily. As for your entertainment, this affordable car offer audio system with six speakers. You can integrate your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB port to play your favorite music while driving.

It comes in five types that you can choose. Besides the S type, there are also LE, LE Eco, L, and the Special Edition. Compared to its 2014 version, there are critical changes on this current version. Those changes are intended to improve the performance of the car. Moreover, it has more pleasant design and more comfortable than its predecessor. The affordable price of this car will reduce your worry on the price. The price for Toyota Corolla 2016 S is ranging between $17,230 up to $23,055. However, that number is not fixed price. It is probably will change in the future.

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